Saturday , April 21 2018
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Hey, Alexa, What Can You Hear? And What Will You Do With It?

Amazon ran a commercial on this year’s Super Bowl that pretended its digital assistant Alexa had temporarily lost her voice. It featured celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and even the company’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos. While the ad riffed on what Alexa can say to users, the more intriguing ...

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Walmart in Talks to Strengthen Ties to Health Insurer Humana

Walmart, the giant retailer, is constantly looking for ways to expand its business. Humana, the health insurer, is watching the consolidation taking place in its industry and looking for a partner. Now the two companies are exploring ways to strengthen their ties, people briefed on the matter said Friday, the ...

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Trade Deals Take Years. Trump Wants to Remake Them in Months.

Trade pacts typically require years of detailed negotiations. The North American Free Trade Agreement needed two years. Creation of the World Trade Organization took eight. The Trump administration wants to remake global trade in a matter of months. To secure agreements quickly, the White House has taken a contentious approach ...

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Demands Grow for Facebook to Explain Its Privacy Policies

A parade of regulators, politicians and law enforcement officials demanded to know more about Facebook’s privacy practices on Monday, as the fallout from the company’s relationship with a political data firm continued to spread. Early in the day, the Federal Trade Commission confirmed reports that it was investigating how Facebook ...

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