Sunday , February 24 2019
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Too Good to Be Ignored: Women Who Reached the Top in Sports

When AnnMaria De Mars was growing up in the 1960s and ’70s in Alton, Ill., a “short, fat little kid with real thick glasses,” as she described herself, there were few outlets for girls interested in sports. “Back then, Title IX hadn’t passed, so it was perfectly legal to say, ...

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How Video Games Are Changing the Way Soccer is Played

LONDON — Before his first few appearances as a teenage striker for Arsenal, Alex Iwobi used to cast his eye over the names of the opposition team, trying to identify his direct opponent. In most cases, he would find himself up against a player he had never faced. His manager, ...

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Putin Proposes Distinct Category for Athletes on Drug Exemptions

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia waded into the nuances of antidoping protocols in sports on Tuesday, criticizing the practice of allowing athletes to use prohibited drugs for legitimate medical reasons. He claimed that athletes given such waivers had an unfair advantage. “We could soon face all records and victories ...

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I.O.C. Expands WADA’s Authority to Lead Antidoping Efforts

With the Russian doping scandal still roiling international sports and dividing its leaders, Olympic officials met in Switzerland on Saturday to discuss overhauling the world’s antidoping system. They emerged with a plan to increase the power of the World Anti-Doping Agency, affirming that organization’s central role in the fight against ...

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