Sunday , November 18 2018
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When Overtaxed Working Memory Knocks Your Brain Out of Sync

In 1956, the renowned cognitive psychologist George Miller published one of the field’s most widely cited papers, “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two.” In it, he argued that although the brain can store a whole lifetime of knowledge in its trillions of connections, the number of items that ...

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How Science Helps the Warriors Sleep Their Way to Success

For 10 years, Andre Igoudala slept terribly. Back in college, the Golden State Warriors forward would play videogames late into the night. Eventually he’d crash, sometimes as late as 4 am, only to wake up a few hours later for practice. Then came class. When he was lucky, he’d squeeze ...

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Multiple alkali metals in unique exoplanet

The extrasolar planet WASP-127b is one of the least dense exoplanets ever found. It has a radius 1.4 times greater than Jupiter, but only 20% of its mass. Such a planet has no analogue in the solar system and is rare even within the exoplanet diversity. It takes just over ...

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Crispr Fans Fight for Egalitarian Access to Gene Editing

A journalist, a soup exec, and an imam walk into a room. There’s no joke here. It’s just another day at CrisprCon. On Monday and Tuesday, hundreds of scientists, industry folk, and public health officials from all over the world filled the amphitheater at the Boston World Trade Center to ...

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Why Apple Can’t Tackle Digital Wellness in a Vacuum

On Monday at its annual developer’s conference, Apple unveiled several new features designed to help users understand and manage the time they spend on their iOS devices. There’s new time-and location-based Do Not Disturb modes; a suite of notification-management tools; and a clever lock screen feature that organizes your push ...

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A sense of disgust in bonobos?

Even bonobos lose their appetites with enough ‘ick’. These primates, known for their liberal attitudes toward sex, are also generally open-minded when it comes to new foods — as long as the grub is clean. Researchers from Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute have now found that a bonobo’s curiosity transforms ...

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