Monday , August 20 2018
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Scientists Are Developing a Unique Identifier for Your Brain

Michaela Cordova, a research associate and lab manager at Oregon Health and Science University, begins by “de-metaling”: removing rings, watches, gadgets and other sources of metal, double-checking her pockets for overlooked objects that could, in her words, “fly in.” Then she enters the scanning room, raises and lowers the bed, ...

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The Case of a Revolutionary (But Imaginary?) Superconductor

On July 23, Dev Kumar Thapa and Anshu Pandey made an extraordinary claim online. It wasn’t your garden variety fake news: By cramming microscopic particles of gold and silver together into pellets, they said, they’d constructed the first ever room-temperature superconductor. In a 13-page PDF, the two chemists at the ...

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Trade War Worries Iowa Republicans in a Close House Race

Trade War Worries Iowa Republicans in a Close House Race Image Boyd Trueman grinds down some welds at Curbtender, which makes garbage trucks, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The unemployment rate in Iowa is one of the lowest in the country.CreditScott Morgan for The New York Times By Natalie Kitroeff and ...

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Novel sensors could enable smarter textiles

A team of engineers at the University of Delaware is developing next-generation smart textiles by creating flexible carbon nanotube composite coatings on a wide range of fibers, including cotton, nylon and wool. Their discovery is reported in the journal ACS Sensors where they demonstrate the ability to measure an exceptionally ...

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The Insider Secrets for Book Report Vs Book Review

If you operate a web business, there are a few very excellent reasons to compose an eBook. Writing help might not be needed. There are many varieties of essays, it is not difficult to drop an eye on all your writing assignments. Evaluation questions After you’ve answered these questions, begin ...

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