Saturday , August 18 2018
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Beauty Is in the Eye of These Beholders

Image One of the celebrities at Beautycon was Drew Barrymore, promoting her Flower Beauty brand. Fans crowded in to get a selfie with the actress.CreditAnna Beeke for The New York Times Beauty Is in the Eye of These Beholders Beautycon is the Super Bowl of the beauty industry, where new ...

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Gut bacteria byproduct protects against Salmonella, study finds

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have identified a molecule that serves as natural protection against one of the most common intestinal pathogens. Propionate, a byproduct of metabolism by a group of bacteria called the Bacteroides, inhibits the growth of Salmonella in the intestinal tract of mice, according ...

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Hundreds Died in Syrian Custody, Government Acknowledges

Hundreds Died in Syrian Custody, Government Acknowledges Image Syrian prisoners who were released last year. Since the conflict in Syria began seven years ago, tens of thousands of people disappeared into government jails and many died in custody.CreditSANA, via Reuters By Ben Hubbard and Karam Shoumali July 26, 2018 BEIRUT, ...

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Hurricane Harvey samples saddled with antibiotic-resistant genes

Rice University scientists have released the first results of extensive water sampling in Houston after the epic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. They found widespread contamination by E. coli, likely the result of overflow from flooded wastewater treatment plants. The microbial survey showed high levels of E. coli, a fecal ...

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