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Worried About Big Tech? Chinese Giants Make America’s Look Tame

Worried About Big Tech? Chinese Giants Make America’s Look Tame Image CreditWenkai Mao By Raymond Zhong May 31, 2018 BEIJING — Forget Google versus Facebook. Forget Uber versus Lyft. Forget Amazon versus … well, everybody. The technology world’s most bruising battle for supremacy is taking place in China. And it ...

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Maybe DNA Can’t Answer All Our Questions About Heredity

Heredity is a powerful concept. It’s the thing that ties families together—that gives shape to their shared history of stories, of homes, of personalities. And more and more, it’s the way we understand families’ shared genetic inheritance. But that more modern biological notion of heredity comes with some new, technical ...

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There’s Nothing Noble about Science’s Nobel Prize Gender Gap

We scientists are pretty good with numbers. Whether it’s tallying the number of galaxies in the universe or probing reagent reactions that last mere femtoseconds, nothing quantitative seems beyond our reckoning. But lately it seems that scientists have gotten a little too comfortable with some very small numbers. Take the ...

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Raising Hopes, North Korea Offers to Talk About Its Nuclear Arsenal

Advertisement SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s sudden willingness to bargain with the Trump administration over scrapping its atomic arsenal surprised the world on Tuesday, setting in motion an unpredictable diplomatic dance with the United States and South Korea, but raising hopes that one of the most dangerous confrontations of ...

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The Stock Market Is Worried About Inflation. Should It Be?

Advertisement To the degree the recent wild swings in the stock market are rooted in economic fundamentals, these are the fundamentals to fear: that the already strong economy may overheat, inflation may spike, and the Federal Reserve may then raise interest rates more aggressively to try to combat that higher ...

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State of the Art: About That Joint: Marijuana Start-Ups Pass

Advertisement The streets of San Francisco have always smelled of marijuana. Yet it’s worth noting that the city doesn’t seem to have gotten much smellier in the new year, after the recreational use of marijuana became legal in California under a law approved by voters in 2016. Well, obviously: because ...

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