Tuesday , August 21 2018
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What Sonic Black Holes Say About the Real Deal

In a 1972 lecture at the University of Oxford, a young physicist named William Unruh asked the audience to imagine a fish screaming as it plunges over a waterfall. The water falls so fast in this fictitious cascade that it exceeds the speed of sound at a certain point along ...

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What Climate Change Skeptics Aren’t Getting About Science

[embedded content] Isn’t it great when people get together to reasonably discuss ideas? Sadly, this recent BBC clip isn’t that. It features highlights of a climate change conversation between physicist Brian Cox and Australian politician Malcolm Roberts. Cox uses evidence to support the idea of global climate change, while Roberts denies ...

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The Right Way to Write About the Volcanic Apocalypse

The world wide web is a tricky place. There are many, many (many) places you can get information, and the quality of said information runs from fine organic truffles harvested sustainable to a giant pile of rotting whale carcass. Now, how do you sift through these sources—and if you are a ...

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