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Trump’s Shutdown Surrender Adds Pressure to Secure China Trade Win

Supported by Trump’s Shutdown Surrender Adds Pressure to Secure China Trade Win Image Caterpillar, which sells heavy machinery to China, said it expected a lower profit in 2019 because of trade tensions, which have weakened the Chinese economy.CreditCreditChina Stringer Network/Reuters By Alan Rappeport Jan. 28, 2019 WASHINGTON — President Trump ...

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Mouse study adds to evidence linking gut bacteria and obesity

A new Johns Hopkins study of mice with the rodent equivalent of metabolic syndrome has added to evidence that the intestinal microbiome — a “garden” of bacterial, viral and fungal genes — plays a substantial role in the development of obesity and insulin resistance in mammals, including humans. A report ...

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Naval Collision Adds to Fears About U.S. Decline in Asia

BANGKOK — For decades, the United States Navy has served as the foremost symbol of America’s power in the Asia-Pacific. With bases from South Korea to Japan to Guam and a fleet of warships bristling with modern weaponry, it has been a physical reminder of the nation’s strength and vigilance ...

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Apple Adds to Qualcomm’s Troubles, Filing Lawsuit Over Rebates

By QUENTIN HARDY January 20, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO — By mastering some tough computer chip technology and then pulling off an audacious business strategy based on selling its smartphone knowledge, Qualcomm has made billions of dollars and seized influence in the tech industry. Some days that is a real drag. On Friday, ...

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