Wednesday , October 17 2018
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Magnets Aren’t Miracles, But Solar Flares Burst With Magic

Magnets aren’t miracles, but neither are they a phenomenon that physicists completely understand. Particularly big magnets, like the sun. Until recently, the annals of research failed to completely explain how massive currents blooming on the sun’s surface burst into solar flares, releasing incredible volumes of energy in short time frames. ...

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What Climate Change Skeptics Aren’t Getting About Science

[embedded content] Isn’t it great when people get together to reasonably discuss ideas? Sadly, this recent BBC clip isn’t that. It features highlights of a climate change conversation between physicist Brian Cox and Australian politician Malcolm Roberts. Cox uses evidence to support the idea of global climate change, while Roberts denies ...

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If Your Science Professors Aren’t Confusing, They’re Doing It Wrong

Let me set a scene. It’s just after a physics class in which students wrestled with a complicated idea. Perhaps they measured the electrical current in different resistors and must build a mathematical relationship between change in potential, resistance, and electric current. In the particular, the students might be discussing what happens ...

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