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Lego-Like Brain Balls Could Build a Living Replica of Your Noggin

The human brain is routinely described as the most complex object in the known universe. It might therefore seem unlikely that pea-size blobs of brain cells growing in laboratory dishes could be more than fleetingly useful to neuroscientists. Nevertheless, many investigators are now excitedly cultivating these curious biological systems, formally ...

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Scientists Brew Up the Creepiest Batches of Brain Balls Yet

Stem cell biologists are basically modern day witches. While they’re not exactly taking a creepy fetal Lord Voldemort and turning him into noseless Ralph Fiennes, these scientists can use tinctures and concoctions to grow incredible things from just a few human skin cells. One of those things is a brain ...

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Building a Bridge of Bats and Balls Across a Divide

By BEN STRAUSS March 21, 2016 On the day he planned to make baseball history, Luke Salas got a ride in a 1950s-era clunker of a car to a field that was little more than a sandlot, in a small town outside Havana. Salas, a Cuban-American former minor leaguer, had been training ...

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