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Building A.I. That Can Build A.I.

SAN FRANCISCO — They are a dream of researchers but perhaps a nightmare for highly skilled computer programmers: artificially intelligent machines that can build other artificially intelligent machines. With recent speeches in both Silicon Valley and China, Jeff Dean, one of Google’s leading engineers, spotlighted a Google project called AutoML. ...

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Lego-Like Brain Balls Could Build a Living Replica of Your Noggin

The human brain is routinely described as the most complex object in the known universe. It might therefore seem unlikely that pea-size blobs of brain cells growing in laboratory dishes could be more than fleetingly useful to neuroscientists. Nevertheless, many investigators are now excitedly cultivating these curious biological systems, formally ...

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Russia’s Quest to Build a Space Empire—or Go Broke Trying

It’s not unusual for space agencies to wax lyrical about how their work exploring all that lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere is for the shared benefit of humankind. It’s probably expected. So when, at a panel during the 33rd annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, the head of the Russian space ...

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The Subtle Art of Watching North Korea Build Nukes

Slide: 1 / of 7. Caption: Caption: Former North Korean official Kim Heung-kwang used to search homes for illegal media; now he smuggles it into the country on flash drives. Joe Pugliese Slide: 2 / of 7. Caption: Caption: Using walkie-talkies, laser pointers, and bribes, smuggler Jung Kwang-il arranges nighttime ...

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Scientists Build a Menstrual Biochip That Does Everything But Bleed

Most scientists don’t get to work in a field of their own creation. But Teresa Woodruff is not most scientists. The Northwestern University reproductive biologist coined the term “oncofertility” over a decade ago, when she began helping young cancer patients preserve their ability to become biological parents even after chemotherapy ...

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Defying U.N., Israel Prepares to Build More Settlements

By PETER BAKER December 26, 2016 JERUSALEM — Undeterred by a resounding defeat at the United Nations, Israel’s government said Monday that it would move ahead with thousands of new homes in disputed areas and warned nations against further action, declaring that Israel does not “turn the other cheek.” Just a few ...

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