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The Dirty Secret of California’s Cannabis: It’s Dirty

This is a story about marijuana that begins in a drawer of dead birds. In the specimen collections of the California Academy of Sciences, curator Jack Dumbacher picks up a barred owl—so named for the stripes than run across its chest—and strokes its feathers. It looks like a healthy enough ...

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How Will California’s Solar Grid React to the Eclipse?

Like many thrifty business owners, officials at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina, were banking on reducing their carbon footprint and saving money when they installed rooftop solar panels during a big expansion in 2015. In fact, since the panels went up, the zoo has saved more than $ ...

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Don’t Get Shaken Up Over California’s Newly Discovered Fault

People aren’t doodling sea monsters over blank spots on the map anymore, but that doesn’t mean scientists have Earth all figured out. Plenty of geological features have yet to be discovered and understood—especially where things get watery, or subterranean, or both. Case in point: a team of seismologists recently discovered ...

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