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A Map of the Brain Could Teach Machines to See Like You

Take a three-year-old to the zoo, and she intuitively knows that the long-necked creature nibbling leaves is the same thing as the giraffe in her picture book. That superficially easy feat is in reality quite sophisticated. The cartoon drawing is a frozen silhouette of simple lines, while the living animal ...

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New Tech Could Give Coal a Scrubbing Until Renewables Are Ready

No matter how you feel about coal, you can’t deny that it is very dirty stuff. Nor can you argue that our electrified society is anywhere near ready to run without it. Until renewables scale up and become storable—available after sunset and between breezes, in other words—coal will continue to supply ...

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Antarctica could be headed for major meltdown

In the early Miocene Epoch, temperatures were 10 degrees warmer and ocean levels were 50 feet higher — well above the ground level of modern-day New York, Tokyo and Berlin. It was more than 16 million years ago, so times were different. But there was one important similarity with the ...

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Being anxious could be good for you in a crisis

New findings by French researchers show that the brain devotes more processing resources to social situations that signal threat than those that are benign. The results in the journal eLife may help explain the apparent “sixth sense” we have for danger. This is the first time that specific regions of ...

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How the Magic of Christmas Could Work Without Any Magic

Let’s be honest: There is no jolly old elf with flying reindeer who slides down chimneys and leaves gifts for every good little Christian boy and girl on Earth. That’s ridiculous. But then…where do the presents come from? Here’s our theory: There is, in fact, a non-supernatural Santa. It’s a ...

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