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Can Your Electronic Gadgets Interfere With Your Compass?

Does it matter if you put a video camera near your magnetic compass that is used for navigation? The theoretical answer is “yes.” But the practical answer? “Probably not.” Now for a detailed explanation! How does a magnetic compass work? So, the Earth is like a giant magnet, just like ...

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Full-circle viewing: 360-degree electronic holographic display

Princess Leia, your Star Wars hologram moment may be redeemed. In the original ‘Star Wars’ movie, the inviting but grainy special effects hologram might soon be a true full-color, full-size holographic image, due to advances by a South Korean research team refining 3-D holographic displays. The team described a novel ...

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Vietnam's top mobile retailer expands electronic chain

The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World), Vietnam’s biggest retailer of mobile devices, plans to open another 286 electronics stores in an effort to double its market share to 30 percent next year, local media reported on Thursday. In the first six months, the company launched 33 new outlets, expanding its ...

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Electronic Skin May Transform the Way We Interact With Tech

Getty Images Your skin is an interface between your brain and the world. Okay, so that sort of sounds like a pickup line a materials scientist would use. But human skin is amazing: It’s exquisitely sensitive, quick on the uptake, and constantly giving you useful information about your surroundings. In a ...

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