Thursday , January 24 2019
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A repeating fast radio burst from an extreme environment

New detections of radio waves from a repeating fast radio burst have revealed an astonishingly potent magnetic field in the source’s environment, indicating that it is situated near a massive black hole or within a nebula of unprecedented power. The findings by an international team of astronomers, including Victoria Kaspi ...

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Duo of titanic galaxies captured in extreme starbursting merger

New observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have uncovered the never-before-seen close encounter between two astoundingly bright and spectacularly massive galaxies in the early universe. These so-called hyper-luminous starburst galaxies are exceedingly rare at this epoch of cosmic history — near the time when galaxies first formed — ...

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Matilda Rapaport, an Extreme Skier, Is Dead at 30

Two years ago, Matilda Rapaport, a Swedish extreme skier, survived an avalanche in Haines, Alaska. “I was dragged all the way down the mountain, partially buried and couldn’t get myself out,’’ she said later. “That was a very scary experience. But I don’t want memories of being scared of avalanches.” ...

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