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First explanations for boundary within Earth’s mantle

Earth’s mantle, the large zone of slow-flowing rock that lies between the crust and the planet’s core, powers every earthquake and volcanic eruption on the planet’s surface. Evidence suggests that the mantle behaves differently below 1 megameter (1,000 kilometers, or 621 miles) in depth, but so far seismologists have not ...

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First gamma-ray pulsar detected in another galaxy

Researchers using NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have discovered the first gamma-ray pulsar in a galaxy other than our own. The object sets a new record for the most luminous gamma-ray pulsar known. The pulsar lies in the outskirts of the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small ...

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Live: Two American Astronauts Go on Their First Spacewalk


The International Space Station. NASA This morning, the three astronauts aboard the International Space Station pulled a Sandra Bullock. Well, not quite—they weren’t captured outside their craft, pummeled by debris, and sent adrift into space with only their wits and a dwindling oxygen supply to save them. But this is ...

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Coca-Cola Vietnam reports profit, the first time in 20 years

An undated file photo shows Coca-Cola products. Coca-Cola Vietnam reported profits of $ 7 million in 2013, and $ 16.6 million in 2014. Coca-Cola Vietnam has reported that it started making profits in 2013, ending two decades of consecutive losses that have been scrutinized by tax officers recently.  In a ...

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