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Fossil site shows impact of early Jurassic’s low oxygen oceans

Using a combination of fossils and chemical markers, scientists have tracked how a period of globally low ocean-oxygen turned an Early Jurassic marine ecosystem into a stressed community inhabited by only a few species. The research was led by Rowan Martindale, an assistant professor at The University of Texas at ...

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Fossil fuel formation: Key to atmosphere’s oxygen?

For the development of animals, nothing — with the exception of DNA — may be more important than oxygen in the atmosphere. Oxygen enables the chemical reactions that animals use to get energy from stored carbohydrates — from food. So it may be no coincidence that animals appeared and evolved ...

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Fossil of ‘early spider’ discovered; 305 million years old

A team of researchers has discovered the fossil of a 305-million-year-old arachnid, which will help scientists to understand more about the early origins of modern-day spiders. The new species, named Idmonarachne brasieri in honour of Professor Martin Brasier, University of Oxford, who passed away in December 2014, was found in ...

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Many species now going extinct may vanish without a fossil trace

Scientists struggle to compare the magnitude of Earth’s ongoing sixth mass-extinction event with the five great die-offs of prehistory. A new study by three paleontologists shows that the species now perishing may vanish without a permanent trace — and earlier extinctions may be underestimated as well. “Comparing the current biodiversity ...

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Watchmaker Fossil Group buys Misfit

Watchmaker Fossil Group buys Misfit HA NOI  (VNS) — Watchmaker Fossil Group has agreed to acquire Misfit, a wearable fitness tracker producer based in the United States and Viet Nam, for US$ 260 million, an official from Misfit Viet Nam told Viet Nam News. According to The Wall Street Journal, ...

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