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Macron Takes On France’s Labor Code, 100 Years in the Making

PARIS — It is a mind-numbing 3,324 pages long and growing. Of those, 170 pages govern firings, 420 regulate health and security, 50 temporary work and 85 collective negotiations. Hundreds more are devoted to wages, specific industries and overseas departments. It is France’s infamous, almost indecipherable labor code, the Code ...

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Why Macron Won: Luck, Skill and France’s Dark History

PARIS — The French presidential runoff transcended national politics. It was globalization against nationalism. It was the future versus the past. Open versus closed. But in his resounding victory on Sunday night, Emmanuel Macron, the centrist who has never held elected office, won because he was the beneficiary of a ...

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In France’s Poor Suburbs, Angry Voters May Skip Big Election

STAINS, France — For voters in the poorer, largely immigrant suburbs of Paris, the motivation to turn out for France’s presidential runoff seems clear: to defeat Marine Le Pen, the far-right leader of the National Front, who has pitched her campaign against immigrants and Muslims. The other candidate, the centrist ...

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Fillon Scandal Indicts, Foremost, France’s Political Elite

PARIS — The president of the National Assembly does it. The president of the Senate defends it. Dozens of rank-and-file parliamentarians do it, too. Hiring your spouse, son or sister in France’s Parliament is perfectly legal. So, with François Fillon, until recently France’s leading presidential candidate, in deep trouble for ...

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E.U. Faces Its Next Big Test as France’s Election Looms

LE LUC, France — When the French put a draft Constitution for a newly enlarged European Union to a referendum in 2005, Pascal Verrelle voted passionately against it — hoping it would stop the European Union in its tracks. He rejoiced when the effort failed, yet was dismayed when the ...

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Contributing Op-Ed Writer: France’s Cult of Fearlessness

Pamela Druckerman Paris — SINCE the attacks two weeks ago, I’ve been avoiding supermarkets — which seem like potential targets — and doing most of my shopping at a minimarket. The cashier there, a young man from Mali, keeps telling me not to be afraid. “They’re not going to make ...

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