Wednesday , January 16 2019
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Three Ways to Make a Rocket From a Bottle (Bonus: GIFs!)

A rocket really just needs two things: mass to eject and something to push that mass out. In a conventional rocket, a fuel does both of these things. The fuel is ignited, providing energy, and then it pushes the leftover products of this reaction out of the rocket nozzle to provide ...

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Dilma Rousseff Loses Support From Key Part of Brazilian Coalition

RIO DE JANEIRO — A crucial part of Brazil’s governing coalition withdrew support for President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday, a move that could increase the likelihood of her impeachment and deepen Brazil’s political and economic crises. The leadership of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, or the PMDB, which has 68 ...

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Watch Scott Kelly’s Historic Return to Earth From the ISS

Today, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will squeeze into a Soyuz capsule and leave the International Space Station for the first time in more than a year (well, not counting any space walks along the way). It’s a historic moment: When Kelly hits the ground, he’ll have completed the longest stay ...

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Your Computer Can Build a Sweet City From Scratch

Your city might drive you crazy. But all that chaos exists only at the street level. From on high, cities follow rules: They bend around topography, tower above zoning, and squeeze between bodies of water. Anything with rules can be gamed. So imagine you’re making a game, of the video ...

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