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From stem cells to a functional heart: The role of the Mesp1 gene

Researchers at the Université libre de Bruxelles and University of Cambridge identified the role of key gene Mesp1 in the earliest step of cardiovascular lineage segregation. This discovery may help to better understand congenital heart defects. The heart is the first organ that forms during development and contains four different ...

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Unusual gene evolution in bacteria

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Researchers have made another discovery at the cellular level to help understand the basic processes of all life on our planet — this time within the unusual bacteria that has lived inside cicada insects since dinosaurs roamed Earth. All Top News — ScienceDaily

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How a Single Gene Could Become a Volume Knob for Pain

Steven Pete was born in 1981 in the 2,200-person town of Castle Rock, Washington, near Mount Saint Helens. At around 6 months old, when Pete started teething, he chewed off part of his tongue. As he got older he would bang his head against walls, not even stopping when it ...

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Cow gene study shows why most clones fail

It has been 20 years since Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned in Scotland, but cloning mammals remains a challenge. A new study by researchers from the U.S. and France of gene expression in developing clones now shows why most cloned embryos likely fail. Dolly was cloned using the technique ...

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Gene circuits in live cells can perform complex computations

Living cells are capable of performing complex computations on the environmental signals they encounter. These computations can be continuous, or analogue, in nature — the way eyes adjust to gradual changes in the light levels. They can also be digital, involving simple on or off processes, such as a cell’s ...

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