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Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Reeling Oil Giant

Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Reeling Oil Giant Image The contents of two tanks with a joint capacity of 10,000 barrels of oil have spilled in El Tigre, Venezuela.CreditThe New York Times By William Neuman and Clifford Krauss June 14, 2018 EL TIGRE, Venezuela — Thousands of workers are ...

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Astronomers produce first detailed images of surface of giant star

An international team of astronomers has produced the first detailed images of the surface of a giant star outside our solar system, revealing a nearly circular, dust-free atmosphere with complex areas of moving material, known as convection cells or granules, according to a recent study. The giant star, named π1Gruis, ...

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Giant exoplanet hunters: Look for debris disks

There’s no map showing all the billions of exoplanets hiding in our galaxy — they’re so distant and faint compared to their stars, it’s hard to find them. Now, astronomers hunting for new worlds have established a possible signpost for giant exoplanets. A new study finds that giant exoplanets that ...

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Livestock grazing harming giant panda habitat

Increased livestock grazing in China’s Wanglang National Nature Preserve has damaged one third of all giant panda habitat in the park, a new study by Chinese and U.S. scientists finds. The habitat degradation coincides with a nine-fold increase in livestock numbers within the park over the past 15 years. “Increasing ...

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How This U.S. Tech Giant Is Backing China’s Tech Ambitions

As the Chinese government develops drones, the American technology giant Qualcomm is helping. The same goes for artificial intelligence, mobile technology and supercomputers. Qualcomm is also working to help Chinese companies like Huawei break into overseas markets in support of China’s “go global” campaign to develop big multinational brands. Qualcomm ...

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SoftBank of Japan Will Buy U.S. Private Equity Giant Fortress

By MICHAEL J. de la MERCED and LANDON THOMAS Jr. February 14, 2017 Over its three-decade existence, the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank and its founder, Masayoshi Son, have been known for ambitious and sometimes head-scratching moves. Now, SoftBank is nearing its most unusual move yet: It is buying Fortress Investment Group, an American private equity giant that oversees around ...

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