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Where a Taboo Is Leading to the Deaths of Young Girls

Where a Taboo Is Leading to the Deaths of Young Girls Image In parts of western Nepal, woman are banished to chhaupadi huts like this one in the village of Pali when they get their periods.CreditTara Todras-Whitehill for The New York Times By Jeffrey Gettleman June 19, 2018 TURMAKHAND, Nepal ...

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A Girl’s Killing Puts Germany’s Migration Policy on Trial

Advertisement KANDEL, Germany — It happened between neatly stacked rows of shampoo and organic baby food: A teenage boy walked up to his ex-girlfriend in the local drugstore, pulled out a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade and stabbed her in the heart. The death in Kandel, in southwestern Germany, ...

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Can Robots Help Get More Girls Into Science and Tech?

Here’s a depressing number for you: 12. Just 12 percent of engineers in the United States are women. In computing it’s a bit better, where women make up 26 percent of the workforce—but that number has actually fallen from 35 percent in 1990. The United States has a serious problem ...

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Traumatic stress changes brains of boys, girls differently

Traumatic stress affects the brains of adolescent boys and girls differently, according to a new brain-scanning study from the Stanford University School of Medicine. Among youth with post-traumatic stress disorder, the study found structural differences between the sexes in one part of the insula, a brain region that detects cues ...

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Rural Indian Girls Chase Big-City Dreams

BANGALORE, India — The factory floor is going full throttle when the new girls walk in. Everywhere is the thrumming of sewing machines, the hum of fans, the faint burning smell of steam irons. On narrow tables that run between the machines, half-assembled Marks & Spencer miniskirts are thrust forward ...

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