Sunday , March 25 2018
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Want to Play Scrabble Like a Pro? Here’s Your Memory Trick

Bennett Schwartz is one of the nation’s leading memory experts, and when I visited him in his office at Florida International University, he was standing at his desk. A soft sunlight crowded the room. Large windows framed the palm tree-lined quad outside. Dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and slacks, Schwartz ...

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Profitable Companies, No Taxes: Here’s How They Did It

Complaining that the United States has one of the world’s highest corporate tax levels, President Trump and congressional Republicans have repeatedly vowed to shrink it. Yet if the level is so high, why have so many companies’ income tax bills added up to zero? That’s what a new analysis of ...

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Want to Be a Space Archaeologist? Here’s Your Chance

Usually it takes years of study to become an archaeologist—four years of reading books and a few more learning in the field before you finally get to play in the dirt professionally. Sarah Parcak wants to get that down to a few minutes. Parcak is a space archaeologist, which means she ...

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Here’s How Many Apple Cores It Would Take to Poison You

If your mother ever warned you not to eat apple cores, it was with good reason. Yeah OK, so apples don’t really have cores, but they do have those rough middle sections full of seeds, and those seeds can harbor concentrations of molecules called cyanogenic glycosides. One of those is ...

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Here’s What Happens Inside the Mind of a Filibusterer

Last weekend’s Orlando shooting inspired plenty of moments of silence. But now it’s time for talk. Since 11:21 am Eastern, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (a Democrat) has been filibustering his colleagues. Murphy says he won’t stop yammering until the Senate takes some kind of action on universal background checks on all guns, ...

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OK, Theranos: Here’s the Data the World Needs to See

Last week, one of America’s most prestigious newspapers published a pair of blistering critiques of the country’s hottest biomedical startup. The Wall Street Journal alleged that the blood diagnostics company Theranos wasn’t operating at nearly the level of technological innovation its hype (and $ 9 billion valuation) had led the world ...

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