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Birth of a black hole or neutron star captured for first time

A Northwestern University-led international team is getting closer to understanding the mysteriously bright object that burst in the northern sky this summer. On June 17, the ATLAS survey’s twin telescopes in Hawaii found a spectacularly bright anomaly 200 million light years away in the Hercules constellation. Dubbed AT2018cow or “The ...

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Trump’s Ace in the Hole in Trade War: A Strong Economy

Trump’s Ace in the Hole in Trade War: A Strong Economy Image Consumer spending has rebounded after a soft start this year. Retail sales jumped 0.8 percent in May, double what analysts had forecast.CreditJeenah Moon for The New York Times By Nelson D. Schwartz June 20, 2018 The American economy ...

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Mining Black Hole Collisions for Hints of the Elusive Axion

When physicists announced in February that they had detected gravitational waves firsthand, the foundations of physics scarcely rattled. The signal exactly matched the expectations physicists had arrived at after a century of tinkering with Einstein’s theory of general relativity. “There is a question: Can you do fundamental physics with it? ...

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The Physics of That Crazy Ricochet Hole in One at the Masters

Watch @Louis57TM make a hole-in-one off J.B. Holmes golf ball on No. 16 #themasters — Masters Tournament (@TheMasters) April 10, 2016 It’s not so easy to get a hole in one—you can’t control every part of a ball’s motion towards the hole. So, let’s say this shot is part ...

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Astronomers see black hole raging red

Violent red flashes, lasting just fractions of a second, have been observed during one of the brightest black hole outbursts in recent years. In June 2015, a black hole called V404 Cygni underwent dramatic brightening for about two weeks, as it devoured material that it had stripped off an orbiting ...

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Signs of second largest black hole in the Milky Way

Astronomers using the Nobeyama 45-m Radio Telescope have detected signs of an invisible black hole with a mass of 100 thousand times the mass of the Sun around the center of the Milky Way. The team assumes that this possible “intermediate mass” black hole is a key to understanding the ...

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