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Review: Microsoft Surface Laptop

Maria Lokke/WIRED Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop says nothing about the future of technology. The team in Redmond didn’t concern itself with the way things will be in 2025—which ports users will want, what kind of device they’ll use, how they’ll feel about bezels. Instead, Microsoft built a laptop optimized for ...

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Review: Origin PC EON15-S Gaming Laptop

In the PC industry, “gaming laptop” often means “wildly overpriced.” The typical gaming rig hits the register at more than $ 2,000—sometimes much more. Origin PC decided to do something about this, and set an admirable goal: release a true gaming laptop with a price tag under $ 1,000. recommends 2017 ...

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Review: Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop

If the quality of your laptop’s screen is a selling point—and it should have some sway with any serious buyer—then OLED-based machines, what few exist to date, should definitely be on your list. recommends 2017 Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop 7/10 Wired Fancy keyboard backlighting even lights up the touchpad. Easily ...

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