Friday , December 15 2017
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A Crazy Supernova Looks Like a New Kind of Dying Star

In September 2014, astronomers saw a dimming point of light in a small galaxy half a billion light-years away. It looked like an ordinary supernova—a dying star that exploded and whose light was now petering out. But the following January, Zheng “Andrew” Wong, a student intern at Las Cumbres Observatory ...

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Humans don’t use as much brainpower as we like to think

For years, scientists assumed that humans devote a larger share of their daily calories to their brains than other animals. Although the human brain makes up only 2 percent of body weight, it consumes more than 25 percent of our baseline energy budget. But a study published Oct. 31 in ...

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Want to Play Scrabble Like a Pro? Here’s Your Memory Trick

Bennett Schwartz is one of the nation’s leading memory experts, and when I visited him in his office at Florida International University, he was standing at his desk. A soft sunlight crowded the room. Large windows framed the palm tree-lined quad outside. Dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and slacks, Schwartz ...

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Watch Kilauea’s Lava Gush Into the Sea Like a Waterfall

It’s been a busy week in the realm of volcanoes. Let’s check out some highlights: Hawaii The coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii continues to change this week. The lava benches near the Kamokuna ocean entry (part of Kilauea’s episode 61g lava flows) have been collapsing for the better part ...

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