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Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence

Image CreditCreditNicolas Ortega SectionsSkip to contentSkip to site index Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence Completing someone else’s thought is not an easy trick for A.I. But new systems are starting to crack the code of natural language. CreditCreditNicolas Ortega Supported by By Cade Metz Nov. 18, 2018 ...

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The Physics of a Puzzling Perpetual Motion Machine

[embedded content] Perpetual motion—it’s fun to say that. For some people, perpetual motion machines hold the secret to everlasting free energy that will save the world. To them, it’s a machine that is just beyond our grasp. If only we could tweak our design just a little bit, it would ...

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Machine Learning’s ‘Amazing’ Ability to Predict Chaos

Half a century ago, the pioneers of chaos theory discovered that the “butterfly effect” makes long-term prediction impossible. Even the smallest perturbation to a complex system (like the weather, the economy or just about anything else) can touch off a concatenation of events that leads to a dramatically divergent future. ...

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Can Machine Learning Find Meaning in a Mess of Genes?

“We don’t have much ground truth in biology.” According to Barbara Engelhardt, a computer scientist at Princeton University, that’s just one of the many challenges that researchers face when trying to prime traditional machine-learning methods to analyze genomic data. Techniques in artificial intelligence and machine learning are dramatically altering the ...

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