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This Year SpaceX Made Us All Believe in Reusable Rockets

At the beginning of 2018, Elon Musk predicted that SpaceX would pull off 30 launches. The goal seemed far-fetched; among other reasons, some of those flights were planned for the Falcon Heavy, which at the time had yet to fly. Indeed, the company didn’t hit that figure. But the 21 ...

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World’s smallest tic-tac-toe game board made with DNA

Move over Mona Lisa, here comes tic-tac-toe. It was just about a year ago that Caltech scientists in the laboratory of Lulu Qian, assistant professor of bioengineering, announced they had used a technique known as DNA origami to create tiles that could be designed to self-assemble into larger nanostructures that ...

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The stuff that planets are made of

Is there a second Earth out there in space? Our knowledge of planetary systems far, far away is increasing constantly, as new technologies continue to sharpen our gaze into space. To date, 3,700 planets have already been discovered outside our solar system. The planetary masses and radii of these exoplanets ...

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Can Elon Musk and Tesla Reinvent the Way Cars Are Made?

Image Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, sees the success of the Model 3 as a crucial step on the way to offering a broad range of models and leading the transition to emissions-free transportation.CreditChristie Hemm Klok for The New York Times Can Elon Musk and Tesla Reinvent the Way Cars ...

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Arms Seized Off Coast of Yemen Appear to Have Been Made in Iran

By C. J. CHIVERS and ERIC SCHMITT January 10, 2017 Photographs recently released by the Australian government show that light anti-armor weapons seized from a smuggling vessel near Yemen’s coast appear to have been manufactured in Iran, further suggesting that Tehran has had a hand in a high-seas gunrunning operation to the Horn of Africa ...

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Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite

Solar cells made from an inexpensive and increasingly popular material called perovskite can more efficiently turn sunlight into electricity using a new technique to sandwich two types of perovskite into a single photovoltaic cell. Perovskite solar cells are made of a mix of organic molecules and inorganic elements that together ...

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