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Birth of a black hole or neutron star captured for first time

A Northwestern University-led international team is getting closer to understanding the mysteriously bright object that burst in the northern sky this summer. On June 17, the ATLAS survey’s twin telescopes in Hawaii found a spectacularly bright anomaly 200 million light years away in the Hercules constellation. Dubbed AT2018cow or “The ...

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Squishy or Solid? A Neutron Star’s Insides Open to Debate

The alerts started in the early morning of Aug. 17. Gravitational waves produced by the wreck of two neutron stars—dense cores of dead stars—had washed over Earth. The thousand-plus physicists of the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory rushed to decode the space-time vibrations that rolled across the detectors like a ...

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What Happens When Two Neutron Stars Collide? Scientific Revolution

Late last week, as some staff astronomers embarked on trips to see Monday’s solar eclipse, two of NASA’s space-based observatories—Hubble and Chandra X-ray—and at least two land-based telescopes scrambled to capture a far more explosive event. The astronomers who stayed behind trained their telescopes on a patch of sky where ...

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