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The ISS Has a Supercomputer! Never Mind the Fried Disks

One year ago, Hewlett Packard Enterprise sent an off-the-shelf supercomputer up to the International Space Station, to see if its mass-produced hardware could survive, basically unmodified, in the harsh environment of space. Now NASA and the computer company are declaring the experiment a success—even though nearly half of its hard ...

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You’ll Never Guess Which Company Is Reinventing Health Benefits

You’ll Never Guess Which Company Is Reinventing Health Benefits Frustrated with insurers, some large companies — including a certain cable behemoth — are shedding long-held practices and adopting a do-it-yourself approach. By Reed Abelson Aug. 31, 2018 Image Comcast spends roughly $ 1.3 billion a year on health care for its 225,000 ...

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Jill Tarter Never Found Aliens—But Her Successors Might

In December 2016, three generations of women astronomers joined me for a phone call. Debra Fischer, Natalie Batalha, and Margaret Turnbull have dedicated their careers to comprehending planets beyond the solar system, the signs of microbial life that might be on those planets, or both of those out-there topics. We ...

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The Beauty of Mathematics: It Can Never Lie to You

A few years back, a prospective doctoral student sought out Sylvia Serfaty with some existential questions about the apparent uselessness of pure math. Serfaty, then newly decorated with the prestigious Henri Poincaré Prize, won him over simply by being honest and nice. “She was very warm and understanding and human,” ...

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