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Is 2-State Solution Dead? In Israel, a Debate Over What’s Next

By ISABEL KERSHNER February 16, 2017 JERUSALEM — The huge billboard images appeared overnight in Tel Aviv: a menacing crowd of Palestinians making the V for victory sign and bearing a legend in Arabic, “Soon we will be the majority.” One interpretation of that inevitability was explained in Hebrew for those who ...

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These Boots Keep Astronauts From Tripping Over Their Own Feet

Moon mission astronauts spent a lot of time on their butts. Those moon walks may have looked bouncy and peaceful, but cumbersome space suits had Apollo astronauts tripping and falling all over the place. And while it might seem silly—especially the aftermath, which looks like a kid trying to stand ...

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Apple Adds to Qualcomm’s Troubles, Filing Lawsuit Over Rebates

By QUENTIN HARDY January 20, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO — By mastering some tough computer chip technology and then pulling off an audacious business strategy based on selling its smartphone knowledge, Qualcomm has made billions of dollars and seized influence in the tech industry. Some days that is a real drag. On Friday, ...

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Why Japan’s 6.9 Quake Wasn’t 2011 All Over Again

Sequels rarely live up to the original. And thank goodness for that. Yesterday, a 6.9 earthquake shook the coast of Japan almost exactly where a 9.1 quake hit nearly 6 years ago. Japan is fortified against quakes and tsunamis. But the 2011 quake was so powerful it generated 30 to ...

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Don’t Get Shaken Up Over California’s Newly Discovered Fault

People aren’t doodling sea monsters over blank spots on the map anymore, but that doesn’t mean scientists have Earth all figured out. Plenty of geological features have yet to be discovered and understood—especially where things get watery, or subterranean, or both. Case in point: a team of seismologists recently discovered ...

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