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The Physics of Catching a Gnarly 80-Foot-Tall Wave

I’ve never been surfing—but I’m willing to give it a try. I would not, however, be interested in attempting to surf a massive wave like this one off the coast of Portugal. That’s a pass for me. Of course even if you don’t surf, there is still some cool physics ...

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The Physics of a Spinning Spacecraft in *The Expanse*

The Expanse should just change their post credits for each episode to include a list of homework questions. Seriously—there are so many great things to explore in this hard science fiction show. In a recent episode, one of the large spaceships (the Navoo) rotates in order to create artificial gravity ...

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The Physics of a Puzzling Perpetual Motion Machine

[embedded content] Perpetual motion—it’s fun to say that. For some people, perpetual motion machines hold the secret to everlasting free energy that will save the world. To them, it’s a machine that is just beyond our grasp. If only we could tweak our design just a little bit, it would ...

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The Wild Physics of a Firefighter’s Window Catch

[embedded content] Are superheroes real? Maybe. In this recently released video, a firefighter in Latvia catches a man falling past a window. Let me tell you something. I have a fairly reasonable understanding of physics and this catch looks close to being impossible—but it’s real. Here is the situation (as ...

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The Physics of Accelerating Spacecraft in *The Expanse*

[embedded content] If you like science fiction, I can recommend a show for you—The Expanse. It takes place in the not-so-distant future all right here in our own solar system. There are no pew-pew lasers or faster-than-light space travel. When humans are on a spacecraft, they either “float” around or ...

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The Physics of Terrifying Technological Battlebot Tactics

[embedded content] It’s hard not to like BattleBots. It is essentially a modern technology-based sporting event in which teams build remote controlled robot-like things that fight in an arena. Two robots enter, one robot leaves—and on May 11, the eighth season of the showdown begins. Of course, there are many ...

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