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The Physics of Terrifying Technological Battlebot Tactics

[embedded content] It’s hard not to like BattleBots. It is essentially a modern technology-based sporting event in which teams build remote controlled robot-like things that fight in an arena. Two robots enter, one robot leaves—and on May 11, the eighth season of the showdown begins. Of course, there are many ...

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The Physics of One of the Craziest Big Air Snowboard Tricks Ever

Behold the stomach-clenching spectacle of the quad cork 1800. The dizzying snowboarding trick—first landed by British Olympian Billy Morgan, above—involves catapulting off a ramp into four off-axis flips (called corks) and five full spins. Only four people have ever completed the 1,800-degree stunt. But this month in Pyeongchang, South Korea, ...

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The Physics Behind the Strange Interstellar Asteroid ‘Oumuamua

For the first time, humans have detected an interstellar asteroid—a space rock they’re calling ‘Oumuamua, which is a Hawaiian word meaning “scout.” It’s the only object we’ve ever seen that entered the solar system from beyond our little collection of planets. That’s a pretty big deal on its own. But ...

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How to Solve the Biggest Mystery in Physics

Suppose aliens land on our planet and want to learn our current scientific knowledge. I would start with the 40-year-old documentary Powers of Ten. Granted, it’s a bit out of date, but this short film, written and directed by the famous designer couple Charles and Ray Eames, captures in less ...

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