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The Physics of a 200 MPH Hyperloop Test Run

The hyperloop, Elon Musk‘s idea to make a high-speed transit system for people, has been an exercise in, well, hype. Despite a roster of companies and piles of VC money dedicated to realizing the idea—in which pods travel through a nearly airless tube at supersonic speeds—no human has taken a ...

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The Mind-Boggling Physics of a Standing Double Backflip

[embedded content] Humans can do things. Awesome things. Case in point: this human, named Aaron Cook. Cook can do some serious tumbling (just check out his YouTube channel), but he can also do something extremely difficult—a standing double back tuck (backflip). I have two daughters and both are gymnasts, so ...

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The Physics of Nearly Killing Yourself on a Motorcycle

[embedded content] The internet loves videos of motorcyclists doing crazy things on the autobahn. This one seems especially popular. From what I can gather, the rider is hauling along when a car cuts him off, requiring some sudden emergency braking. Let me show you how out of control I can ...

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Meals on the go: The physics of baleen whales’ eating habits

In a recent paper published in PLOS One, Saint Louis University professor of physics Jean Potvin, Ph.D., and biologist Alexander Werth, Ph.D. at Hampden-Sydney College, detail for the first time how baleen whales use crossflow filtration to separate prey from water without ever coming into contact with the baleen. Baleen ...

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