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The Mind-Boggling Physics of a Standing Double Backflip

[embedded content] Humans can do things. Awesome things. Case in point: this human, named Aaron Cook. Cook can do some serious tumbling (just check out his YouTube channel), but he can also do something extremely difficult—a standing double back tuck (backflip). I have two daughters and both are gymnasts, so ...

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The Physics of Nearly Killing Yourself on a Motorcycle

[embedded content] The internet loves videos of motorcyclists doing crazy things on the autobahn. This one seems especially popular. From what I can gather, the rider is hauling along when a car cuts him off, requiring some sudden emergency braking. Let me show you how out of control I can ...

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Meals on the go: The physics of baleen whales’ eating habits

In a recent paper published in PLOS One, Saint Louis University professor of physics Jean Potvin, Ph.D., and biologist Alexander Werth, Ph.D. at Hampden-Sydney College, detail for the first time how baleen whales use crossflow filtration to separate prey from water without ever coming into contact with the baleen. Baleen ...

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You Physics Teachers Really Ought to Teach Numerical Calculations

I love including numerical calculations in my introductory and advanced physics courses. I find that including coding in the introductory physics course forces students to think in different ways to better understand physics. Numerical calculations are such an integral part of real world physics that it would be wrong to ...

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