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In Indonesia Plane Crash Inquiry, New Focus on Possible Aircraft Problems

In Indonesia Plane Crash Inquiry, New Focus on Possible Aircraft Problems Image Investigators inspected the wreckage of an engine from Lion Air Flight 610 in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, on Sunday.CreditCreditUlet Ifansasti/Getty Images By Hannah Beech and Keith Bradsher Nov. 7, 2018 JAKARTA, Indonesia — Investigators on Wednesday broadened the ...

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VLA detects possible extrasolar planetary-mass magnetic powerhouse

Astronomers using the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) have made the first radio-telescope detection of a planetary-mass object beyond our Solar System. The object, about a dozen times more massive than Jupiter, is a surprisingly strong magnetic powerhouse and a “rogue,” traveling through space unaccompanied ...

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Mars study yields clues to possible cradle of life

The discovery of evidence for ancient sea-floor hydrothermal deposits on Mars identifies an area on the planet that may offer clues about the origin of life on Earth. A recent international report examines observations by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) of massive deposits in a basin on southern Mars. The ...

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Possible formation site of icy giant planet spotted

A number of extrasolar planets have been found in the past two decades and now researchers agree that planets can have a wide variety of characteristics. However, it is still unclear how this diversity emerges. Especially, there is still debate about how the icy giant planets, such as Uranus and ...

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