Tuesday , December 18 2018
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Prepare to Be Hypnotized By These Delicate Paper Robots

As far as plant names go, the sleepy plant—or shy plant, or shameplant, known more formally as Mimosa pudica—is hard to beat. Touch one of its leaves and it curls up like it’s embarrassed, the leaflets folding in on each other. It’s hypnotic and, well, kind of a surprising response ...

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Scientists Prepare to Fight for Their Funding Under Trump

Brendan Kelly lives about as far from Washington as you can get—Fairbanks, Alaska—but his job as a climate scientist depends on funding from the federal government. Kelly and scientists like him are watching events in the nation’s capital with a keen eye. President-elect Donald Trump has called global warming “a ...

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West Bank Settlers Prepare for Clash, With Israeli Government

AMONA OUTPOST, West Bank — Thousands of Israeli police officers stormed this hilltop settler outpost in the occupied West Bank to raze nine illegally built homes. Settlers and their supporters hurled cinder blocks at the officers, who charged on horseback and beat protesters with batons. The homes were torn down, ...

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As ISIS Loosens Grip, U.S. and Iraq Prepare for Grinding Insurgency

BAGHDAD — The Islamic State’s latest suicide attack in Baghdad, which killed nearly 330 people, foreshadows a long and bloody insurgency, according to American diplomats and commanders, as the group reverts to its guerrilla roots because its territory is shrinking in Iraq and Syria. Already, officials say, many Islamic State ...

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Enterprises have two years to prepare for FTAs

Enterprises have two years to prepare for FTAs HA NOI (VNS)— Businesses in the agriculture sector, especially breeding, would be most vulnerable to the effects of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with bigger partners. However, the firms have two years left for restructuring and improving their competitive ...

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