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How the brain responds to texture

Our hands and fingertips are amazingly sensitive to texture. We can easily distinguish coarse sandpaper from smooth glass, but we also pick up more subtle differences across a wide range of textures, like the slick sheen of silk or the soft give of cotton. Information about texture is transmitted from ...

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Ant colony responds to predation simulation as a ‘superorganism’

Ants may respond to disturbances in their nest as one highly organized ‘superorganism’, according to a study published November 11, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Thomas O’Shea-Wheller from the University of Bristol, England, and colleagues. Ant colonies are incredibly complex, and at the same time, intensely cooperative, ...

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Mexico responds well to crises, but planning ahead is another matter


Residents await the arrival of Hurricane Patricia inside a small shelter run by the Red Cross in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Oct. 23, 2015.(Photo: Rebecca Blackwell, AP) MONTERREY, Mexico — Mexican soldiers and civil protection officials spread out Friday across coastal communities ahead of Hurricane Patricia’s landfall in an area prone to natural disasters, ...

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