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Russia Blames a Bad Sensor for Its Failed Soyuz Rocket Launch

On Thursday, Russian officials held a press conference to reveal that they have determined what caused last month’s Soyuz mid-flight failure. The culprit: a damaged sensor on one of the rocket’s four boosters responsible for stage separation. With the investigation complete, the officials announced that they will move up the ...

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The Nuclear Power Plant of the Future May Be Floating Near Russia

Image The port of Murmansk, in far northwest Russia, is the site of a technologically advanced but potentially risky experiment: a floating nuclear power plant.CreditCreditMaxim Babenko for The New York Times The Nuclear Power Plant of the Future May Be Floating Near Russia Offshore reactors could be cheaper, safer and ...

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84 highly endangered amur leopards remain in China and Russia

Scientists estimate there are only 84 remaining highly endangered Amur leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis) remaining in the wild across its current range along the southernmost border of Primorskii Province in Russia and Jilin Province of China. This new estimate of the Amur leopard population was recently reported in the scientific ...

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Russia to Expel 60 U.S. Diplomats; Tensions Are Worst in Decades

In remarks on Russian television on Thursday evening, Mr. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, scoffed at accusations of a Russian role in the Salisbury attack as “unprecedented impudence” and said Western actions amounted to “gangsterism in international affairs.” Mr. Skripal, a former colonel in Russian military intelligence who was imprisoned ...

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Saudi King Seeks Warmer Ties With Russia, a Historic Foe

MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia warmly welcomed King Salman of Saudi Arabia under the gleaming chandeliers of the Kremlin on Thursday, signaling a rapprochement between two longtime rivals who have faced off in some of the world’s thorniest conflicts. King Salman’s visit, the first by a Saudi ...

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