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Les Moonves, Fired by CBS, Sets Up Shop in Hollywood

Supported by Les Moonves, Fired by CBS, Sets Up Shop in Hollywood Image Les Moonves’s new company, Moon Rise Unlimited, operates out of a 10th floor suite on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Calif.CreditCreditKyle Grillot for The New York Times By David Gelles, Rachel Abrams and Edmund Lee Feb. ...

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Amazon Sets Its Sights on the $88 Billion Online Ad Market

Amazon Sets Its Sights on the $ 88 Billion Online Ad Market Image Amazon’s surging revenue in advertising makes it a competitor to Facebook and Google.CreditCreditJohn Ueland By Julie Creswell Sept. 3, 2018 Verizon doesn’t sell its mobile phones or wireless plans over Amazon. Nor does it offer Fios, its ...

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Natural telescope sets new magnification record

Extremely distant galaxies are usually too faint to be seen, even by the largest telescopes. But nature has a solution: gravitational lensing, predicted by Albert Einstein and observed many times by astronomers. Now, an international team of astronomers, led by Harald Ebeling of the Institute for Astronomy at the University ...

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Spain Sets Stage to Take Control of Catalonia in Independence Fight

BARCELONA, Spain — The standoff over Catalonia intensified significantly on Thursday as the Spanish government said it would take emergency measures to halt a secessionist drive in the economically vital and politically restive northeastern region. The announcement came almost immediately after the Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, facing a second deadline ...

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Trump Sets U.S. Strategy but No ‘Blank Check’ for Afghan War

WASHINGTON — President Trump put forward on Monday a long-awaited strategy for resolving the nearly 16-year-old conflict in Afghanistan, but he declined to specify either the number of troops that would be committed, or the conditions by which he would judge the success of their mission there. In a nationally ...

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A Sour Surprise for Public Pensions: Two Sets of Books

By MARY WILLIAMS WALSH September 17, 2016 When one of the tiniest pension funds imaginable — for Citrus Pest Control District No. 2, serving just six people in California — decided last year to convert itself to a 401(k) plan, it seemed like a no-brainer. After all, the little fund held far more ...

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