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Imran Khan, Former Cricket Star, Pulls Into Lead in Pakistan’s Vote Count

Imran Khan, Former Cricket Star, Pulls Into Lead in Pakistan’s Vote Count Image Imran Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, at a polling station in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Wednesday. Partial results showed Mr. Khan’s party leading in several districts.CreditAthit Perawongmetha/Reuters By Jeffrey Gettleman July 25, 2018 LAHORE, Pakistan — ...

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Astronomers produce first detailed images of surface of giant star

An international team of astronomers has produced the first detailed images of the surface of a giant star outside our solar system, revealing a nearly circular, dust-free atmosphere with complex areas of moving material, known as convection cells or granules, according to a recent study. The giant star, named π1Gruis, ...

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Star in the constellation Pisces is ‘eating’ planets

Like the ancient Greek god Cronus who devoured his children, a star 550 light years from Earth has been discovered to be slowly consuming its “offspring” — crushing one or more planets in its orbit into vast clouds of gas and dust. The discovery that RZ Piscium — located in ...

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A Crazy Supernova Looks Like a New Kind of Dying Star

In September 2014, astronomers saw a dimming point of light in a small galaxy half a billion light-years away. It looked like an ordinary supernova—a dying star that exploded and whose light was now petering out. But the following January, Zheng “Andrew” Wong, a student intern at Las Cumbres Observatory ...

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Astronomers discover a star that would not die

An international team of astronomers led by Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO) has made a bizarre discovery; a star that refuses to stop shining. Supernovae, the explosions of stars, have been observed in the thousands and in all cases they marked the death of a star. But in a study published ...

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Star Dust Helps Explain Mysterious Dimming Star

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Astronomers are working to understand the mysterious dimming of Tabby’s Star. The astronomers report that space dust orbiting the star — not alien megastructures — is the likely cause of the star’s long-term dimming. All Top News — ScienceDaily

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