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China, Not Silicon Valley, Is Cutting Edge in Mobile Tech

HONG KONG — Snapchat and Kik, the messaging services, use bar codes that look like drunken checkerboards to connect people and share information with a snap of their smartphone cameras. Facebook is working on adding the ability to hail rides and make payments within its Messenger app. Facebook and Twitter ...

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Why Tech Support Is (Purposely) Unbearable

You may consider yourself even-keeled, the kind of person who is unflappable when those around you are losing their cool. But all that goes out the window when you call tech support. Then you fume. Your face turns red. You shout things into the phone that would appall your mother. ...

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China Quietly Targets U.S. Tech Companies in Security Reviews

HONG KONG — Chinese authorities are quietly scrutinizing technology products sold in China by Apple and other big foreign companies, focusing on whether they pose potential security threats to the country and its consumers and opening up a new front in an already tense relationship with Washington over digital security. ...

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Facebook Aims to Drive Down Tech Prices to Expand Its Reach

SAN FRANCISCO — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and chief executive, is clear about his vision for his company: He wants to triple the size of his social network, which now has 1.6 billion members. But to reach that new audience, he has to find a way to change telecommunications networks ...

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New Tech Could Give Coal a Scrubbing Until Renewables Are Ready

No matter how you feel about coal, you can’t deny that it is very dirty stuff. Nor can you argue that our electrified society is anywhere near ready to run without it. Until renewables scale up and become storable—available after sunset and between breezes, in other words—coal will continue to supply ...

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