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Forests synchronize their growth in response to climate change

A new study, with the participation of UPM, has revealed a growing synchrony in ring-width patterns of trees in response to global warming. A multidisciplinary research team consisting of Russian and Spanish researchers, with the participation of a female researcher from School of Forestry Engineering and Natural Resources at Universidad ...

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Leprosy victims live out their lives in Sri Lanka colony

Vithana Gunathilake lives at the Hendala Leprosy Hospital in Sri Lanka.(Photo: Ross Velton) HENDALA, Sri Lanka — Vithana Gunathilake’s motto is tattooed across his chest. The ink faded during his years here, but he still believes in the message: Do or Die. To prove it, he cradles a harmonica with his damaged ...

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DealBook: When Restless Billionaires Trip on Their Toys

Andrew Ross Sorkin DEALBOOK “If you really care about an institution and want to make it strong for the ages, you don’t walk out. You roll up your sleeves, you redouble your commitment to those ideals in a changing world, and you fight.” That’s what Chris Hughes, the 32-year-old billionaire ...

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Taliban Releases Audio Purported to Be of Their Leader

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban issued what they said was an audio recording of their leader, Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, on Saturday in an effort to quiet speculation that he had been killed or wounded in an internecine shooting on Tuesday in the village of Kuchlak, in Pakistan. “I would ...

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Watch These Guys Make a Shark Swim With Their Minds

In this week’s episode of Cyborg Nation, five guys make a shark swim through the air—with their minds. Every time you raise an eyebrow or think a thought, electrical signals zoom through your brain. Electrodes on your head can pick those signals up and transmit them to a computer. And ...

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China’s Winemakers Seek Their Own Napa Valley

International Business City buildings tower over grapevines at Silver Heights Winery in Ningxia, China. By JANE SASSEEN November 7, 2015 YINCHUAN, China — On a fall evening in a fluorescent-lit classroom at Tsinghua University in Beijing, a dozen students listened intently. The speaker, Emma Gao, held a glass to the light and ...

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Live: Two American Astronauts Go on Their First Spacewalk


The International Space Station. NASA This morning, the three astronauts aboard the International Space Station pulled a Sandra Bullock. Well, not quite—they weren’t captured outside their craft, pummeled by debris, and sent adrift into space with only their wits and a dwindling oxygen supply to save them. But this is ...

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