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Prepare to Be Hypnotized By These Delicate Paper Robots

As far as plant names go, the sleepy plant—or shy plant, or shameplant, known more formally as Mimosa pudica—is hard to beat. Touch one of its leaves and it curls up like it’s embarrassed, the leaflets folding in on each other. It’s hypnotic and, well, kind of a surprising response ...

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Beauty Is in the Eye of These Beholders

Image One of the celebrities at Beautycon was Drew Barrymore, promoting her Flower Beauty brand. Fans crowded in to get a selfie with the actress.CreditAnna Beeke for The New York Times Beauty Is in the Eye of These Beholders Beautycon is the Super Bowl of the beauty industry, where new ...

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Why These Bumblebees Are Wearing Itty-Bitty QR Codes

Step one: Gently suck up the bumblebees with a special vacuum. Step two: Place them in the fridge to chill until they’re immobilized. Step three: Remove bees and superglue a sort of tiny, simplified QR code on their backs. Superglue what, you say? Yes, QR codes—a pretty significant upgrade for ...

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Will Your Baby Like Cilantro? These Genetic Tests Say They Can Tell

You have instant communication, on-demand entertainment, and dial-up transportation—why should you have to wait nine months to see what kind of baby you’re going to have? Now there’s an app for that. In a modern-day reboot of Lindsay Bluth’s “Mommy What Will I Look Like” business venture, Denver-based startup HumanCode ...

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Ecologists Are Drowning in Sea of Data. These Tools Could Help

When marine ecologists released the Ocean Health Index for the first time in 2012, it was a majestically ambitious achievement. The index, born of a collaboration among dozens of scientists, economists and environmental managers at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and ...

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