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In Defense of the Reality of Time

Physicists and philosophers seem to like nothing more than telling us that everything we thought about the world is wrong. They take a peculiar pleasure in exposing common sense as nonsense. But Tim Maudlin thinks our direct impressions of the world are a better guide to reality than we have ...

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On the Mosul Front, a Brutal Battle Against ISIS and Time

Mr. Gordon, a military correspondent for The Times, is working with the Iraqi reporter Kamil Kakol on the front lines in Iraq. Clambering onto a rooftop with a small group of soldiers from Iraq’s counterterrorism service, we scanned the Islamic State’s stronghold in western Mosul as one of its armored ...

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A Russian Volcano Just Erupted for the First Time in Centuries

This weekend saw a new eruption from Kambalny in southern Kamchatka. Now, the Kamchatka Peninsula is a very volcanically active area, with multiple eruptions going on simultaneously much of the time. There are certain volcanoes that are in almost-constant unrest, like Shiveluch, Kliuchevskoi, and Karymsky. However, Kambalny is not one ...

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Time Inc. Plots a Future Beyond Its Heyday, as Suitors Line Up

By SYDNEY EMBER March 5, 2017 Onstage at a recent industry conference with the longtime leaders of the country’s biggest magazine publishers, Rich Battista, the new chief executive of Time Inc., did not seem the outsider. Tieless, with legs crossed, he ticked off his company’s latest accomplishments — robust digital growth, updated ...

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100,000-year-old human skulls from east Asia reveal complex mix of trends in time, space

Washington University in St. Louis. “100,000-year-old human skulls from east Asia reveal complex mix of trends in time, space.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 2 March 2017. <>. Washington University in St. Louis. (2017, March 2). 100,000-year-old human skulls from east Asia reveal complex mix of trends in time, space. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March ...

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Netanyahu Is Questioned a Second Time on Corruption Suspicions

By ISABEL KERSHNER January 5, 2017 JERUSALEM — Expensive cigars for him and pink Champagne for her? On Thursday evening, for the second time this week, investigators grilled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel at his official residence as a suspect in an investigation into possible corruption, the details of which have ...

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