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Time Might Only Exist in Your Head. And Everyone Else’s

Past. Present. Future. In physics, they are all the same thing. But to you, me, and everyone else, time moves in one direction: from expectation, through experience, and into memory. This linearity is called the arrow of time, and some physicists believe it only progresses that way because humans, and other ...

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Frigate birds: In the air for months at a time

Frigate birds were already known for their ability to fly continuously for weeks without landing. A telemetric study of their trajectory and flight strategy has just revealed that they can remain airborne for over two months during their transoceanic migrations. These astute strategists take advantage of atmospheric conditions encountered in ...

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New Clues to the Mystery of How Our Brains Keep Time

Our brains have an extraordinary ability to monitor time. A driver can judge just how much time is left to run a yellow light; a dancer can keep a beat down to the millisecond. But exactly how the brain tracks time is still a mystery. Researchers have defined the brain ...

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