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Why Darpa Wants Everyone to Launch Tiny Satellites

You could be excused, when you first hear Dane Rudy describe his company, for thinking that he wants to use raccoons to send satellites into space. Trash pandas, though, are not the future that Rudy is talking about. He’s talking about rockoons—rockets launched from high-altitude balloons. Rockoons trace their trajectory ...

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Tiny fossils unlock clues to Earth’s climate half a billion years ago

An international collaboration of scientists, led by the University of Leicester, has investigated Earth’s climate over half a billion years ago by combining climate models and chemical analyses of fossil shells about 1mm long. The research, published in Science Advances, suggests that early animals diversified within a climate similar to ...

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On a Tiny Norwegian Island, America Keeps an Eye on Russia

VARDO, Norway — The population of the Arctic island of Vardo has shrunk to half of what it was 20 years ago, and the fishing industry that sustained its residents for generations has mostly collapsed. But the local power company, citing a mysterious surge in electricity demand, began work last ...

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Tiny Tests Probe for Dark Matter and Other Exotic Physics

To answer some of the biggest unsolved questions in the cosmos, you might not need a supercollider. For decades, theorists have been dreaming up a Wild West of exotic physics that could be visible at scales just below the thickness of a dollar bill—provided you build a clever-enough experiment, one ...

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Tiny Motor Powers a New Threat to Cycling Races

A grueling cycling race is somewhat less grueling if your bike is a motorcycle. Understanding this, some cunning cyclists may be turning the sport into Nascar on two wheels by surreptitiously giving their bikes a motorized boost. The first confirmed case of mechanical doping surfaced this year when a tiny ...

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Tiny robots inspired by pine cones

Most efforts to develop bio-inspired robots center on mimicking the motions of animals: but plants move too — even if most of their motions are so slow they can’t be detected by the naked eye. The mechanism involved in plant movement is much simpler than that of animals using muscles. ...

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