Thursday , November 15 2018
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Trump’s Threat Against Maduro Unites Latin America, Against U.S.

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela had become a pariah among fellow Latin American leaders as his beleaguered country staggered toward dictatorship. But a threat by President Trump to use the American military against Mr. Maduro’s government has united those leaders in a different direction: demanding that the United States keep ...

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In a Desperate Syrian City, a Test of Trump’s Policies

TABQA, Syria — The young man unburdened himself about the dark years of living under the Islamic State as a crowd of curious onlookers gathered in front of a weathered storefront in the town marketplace. The militants, said the man, a 22-year-old named Abdul Qadir Khalil, killed many residents, doled ...

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In Cuba, Trump’s Reversal Could Hurt Small Businesses

HAVANA — For Yasser González, a software developer who now makes his living as a bike tour guide in Havana, the onset of American tourism has been akin to a second Cuban revolution. For a nine-hour tour marketed by Airbnb, Mr. González, 31, can pull down as much as $ ...

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Saudis Welcome Trump’s Rebuff of Obama’s Mideast Views

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — With trumpets blaring, cannons booming and fighter jets streaking overhead trailed by red, white and blue contrails, President Trump arrived in the scorching heat of the Arabian desert on Saturday hoping to realign the politics and diplomacy of the Middle East by forcefully reasserting American support ...

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Bank Lending Stalls on Doubts About Trump’s Pro-Growth Agenda

Many business owners and corporate executives have expressed unbridled optimism that President Trump can fuel economic growth and increase their profits. Their borrowing habits, however, may tell a different story. Some of the nation’s top bankers said on Thursday that businesses were feeling less certain that Mr. Trump can pull ...

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