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As ISIS Posts in Portuguese, U.S. and Brazil Bolster Olympics Security

By SIMON ROMERO and MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT August 1, 2016 RIO DE JANEIRO — Worried about possible terrorist attacks at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s government is working closely with American law enforcement and intelligence services to identify threats and thwart potential disasters at the Games. Despite its notorious battles with violent crime, ...

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As ISIS Loosens Grip, U.S. and Iraq Prepare for Grinding Insurgency

BAGHDAD — The Islamic State’s latest suicide attack in Baghdad, which killed nearly 330 people, foreshadows a long and bloody insurgency, according to American diplomats and commanders, as the group reverts to its guerrilla roots because its territory is shrinking in Iraq and Syria. Already, officials say, many Islamic State ...

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Turkey Pursues Cleric Living in U.S., Blamed as Coup Mastermind

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, says that a mild-mannered Muslim cleric living in self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania was pulling the strings of a coup attempt last week that almost succeeded in taking over the state, and killing Mr. Erdogan himself. Now, Mr. Erdogan says that many thousands ...

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U.S. Reveals Death Toll From Airstrikes Outside War Zones

By CHARLIE SAVAGE and SCOTT SHANE July 1, 2016 WASHINGTON — Partially lifting the secrecy that has cloaked one of the United States’ most contentious tactics for fighting terrorists, the Obama administration on Friday said that it believed that airstrikes it has conducted outside conventional war zones like Afghanistan have killed 64 to 116 ...

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Volkswagen to Pay $14.7 Billion to Settle Diesel Claims in U.S.

By HIROKO TABUCHI and JACK EWING June 27, 2016 Volkswagen has agreed to pay up to $ 14.7 billion to settle claims stemming from its diesel emissions cheating scandal, in what would be one of the largest consumer class-action settlements ever in the United States. The proposed settlement involving the federal government and lawyers ...

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U.S. Strike on Taliban Leader Is Seen as a Message to Pakistan

By MARK LANDLER and MATTHEW ROSENBERG May 23, 2016 WASHINGTON — Early on Saturday, a middle-aged Pashtun man used forged documents to cross from Iran into Pakistan. A few hours later, on a lonely stretch of highway, he was incinerated by an American drone. It is not exactly clear how the Americans tracked Mullah ...

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