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What’s the Fastest 100 Meter Dash a Human Can Run?

More than 130 years ago, at the first Olympic Games in Athens, Boston University law student Thomas Burke took his mark at the 100-meter dash not in a standing position, but a crouch—what was then considered an unusual starting stance. But far more unusual, by today’s standards, was his gold-medal ...

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What’s Behind the G.M. Cutbacks, and Why Trump Is Angry

Supported by What’s Behind the G.M. Cutbacks, and Why Trump Is Angry The White House signaled that the automaker could suffer for planning thousands of layoffs, but the company says the course is essential to its future. Image Assembly-line workers at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant where General Motors has made the ...

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What’s a Blazar? A Galactic Bakery for Cosmic Rays

In 1911 and 1912, an Austrian physicist named Victor Hess took to the sky in a series of risky hot air balloon trips—for science. Down on land, researchers had been registering signals of mysterious energetic particles on their instruments. They didn’t know what the signals were or where they came ...

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What’s in the Tax Bill, and How It Will Affect You

Advertisement Republican lawmakers released the details of their tax code rewrite on Friday, which reconciles differences between the House and Senate bills. Several of the most anticipated changes — such as a significant increase in the standard deduction and the curtailing of state and local income tax breaks — made ...

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What’s Up in Coal Country: Alternative-Energy Jobs

From the mountain hollows of Appalachia to the vast open plains of Wyoming, the coal industry long offered the promise of a six-figure income without a four-year college degree, transforming sleepy farm towns into thriving commercial centers. But today, as King Coal is being dethroned — by cheap natural gas, ...

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What’s Inside K2r Spot Lifter

In 1954, Italian inventor Carlo Vanoni swelled with patriotic pride when he learned that his fellow countrymen had summited K2, the second-tallest mountain in the world. He was so proud, in fact, that he started naming all his formulas after it: K2a, K2b, K2c, and on down the alphabet. K2r ...

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