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Every One of the World’s Big Economies Is Now Growing

Advertisement LONDON — A decade after the world descended into a devastating economic crisis, a key marker of revival has finally been achieved. Every major economy on earth is expanding at once, a synchronous wave of growth that is creating jobs, lifting fortunes and tempering fears of popular discontent. No ...

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World’s Most Expensive Home? Another Bauble for a Saudi Prince

A $ 300 million chateau is one of a string of extravagant purchases for a prince who is cracking down on ill-gotten wealth and preaching fiscal austerity. The Chateau Louis XIV, near Versailles, sold for over $ 300 million to an anonymous buyer.CreditPatrice Diaz Photographer Dec. 16, 2017 LOUVECIENNES, France ...

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New telescope attachment allows ground-based observations of new worlds

A new, low-cost attachment to telescopes allows previously unachievable precision in ground-based observations of exoplanets — planets beyond our solar system. With the new attachment, ground-based telescopes can produce measurements of light intensity that rival the highest quality photometric observations from space. Penn State astronomers, in close collaboration with the ...

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The World’s Biggest Tech Companies Are No Longer Just American

HONG KONG — The technology world’s $ 400 billion-and-up club — long a group of exclusively American names like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon — needs to make room for two Chinese members. The Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings, Chinese companies that dominate their home market, have rocketed this ...

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How NASA Visualizes Stunning Worlds Without Really Seeing Them

Everyone likes a good space photo. They’re colorful, they’re otherworldly, they make an inoffensive desktop background. And that’s not to trivialize them: Artists’ renderings of exoplanets are gorgeous, imaginative visions of what it might look like to live your life circling another star, and they’re devilishly tricky to make. Images ...

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Clinics for World’s Vulnerable Brace for Trump’s Anti-Abortion Cuts

By DIONNE SEARCEY, NORIMITSU ONISHI and SOMINI SENGUPTA January 26, 2017 DAKAR, Senegal — The clinic, tucked discreetly inside the student health center on the University of Dakar campus, prescribes birth control pills, hands out condoms and answers questions about sex that young women are nervous about asking in this conservative Muslim country. The clinic ...

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